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I prefer ‘Bartender’

Posted on 23rd January, by DrinkGal in Insider. 4 Comments


I feel lucky I started bartending when a short skirt, easy smile and attitude got you farther than knowing the Savoy Cocktail Book cover to cover, or when suspenders and a flat cap were the uniform. My first regulars loved knowing a fresh pint would be ready before they finished the one in hand, that I knew the name of their husbands, wives and kids, and if the conversation got stagnant I had a repertoire of really bad jokes to break the tension.

Don’t get me wrong, I had to know how to pour drinks too. I worked day bar for a year and a half, laboriously setting up the bar, taking pour accuracy tests and learning recipes before I caught a break and worked a Saturday night. But I was trained to tend bar, to be the one you see …

A Tequila Fling

Posted on 19th January, by DrinkGal in Insider. No Comments


Too many people are scared of tequila. For some the name alone elicits a face-contorting reaction, and trying to sell a tequila drink to an unseasoned drinker usually ends with a “oh no, that’s way too harsh for me!” That same person will then order Jack Daniels or something equally debasing, and shoot it straight. How do people arrive at a shot of whiskey being less harsh than a tequila cocktail? Something has gone horribly wrong here.

The worm myth has been debunked and José isn’t the only guy at the party anymore, so why the fear? A flood of delicious tequila has been streaming over the border for years now at an exponentially increasing rate, and yet it’s one of the most neglected spirits in the cocktail world. We recently re-tasted all of the delicious Herradura tequilas (blanco, reposado, and …

MLK Day Cocktails

Posted on 13th January, by DrinkGal in Events, Insider. 2 Comments


Monday is Martin Luther King Day, a day when many reflect on how far this country has come in the fight for civil rights. Many of us think we still have a ways to go, but it’s worth a moment to think about the good Doctor, and all he stood for. Without him, it’s hard to say where we would be as a society.

He was born Michael King Jr. on January 15th, 1929, and every year millions of people get a long holiday weekend in the dead of winter when it’s too cold to BBQ, and the only logical thing is to cozy up indoors. In honor of the occasion, we gathered up some classic cocktails to commemorate and celebrate his life.  Is this a classic drinking holiday? No. But why not find reasons to celebrate every day of life? …

Hangover Control: The Bytox patch

Posted on 30th December, by DrinkGal in Insider. 1 Comment


With New Year’s eve nearly upon us, it sounded like a Christmas miracle in my inbox: a patch that you slap on prior to tying one on, so you may wake up the next day less bleary eyed and remorseful. No, it’s not Ortho-Evra, (although a case could be made for that) it’s Bytox, a patch that claims to not be a hangover cure, but a hangover preventor. Like an insurance policy for a night of drinking, it sells a night of all of the fun, none of the consequences. Provided your beer goggles don’t lead you into bed with a troll, that is. And at $2.99, we imagine that frat boys are snapping these up faster than Trojans for the coming weekend.

Our first question, of course, is does it work? A quick Google search reveals that several folks out …

Woodinville Whiskey Co. Bourbon and American Whiskey Release tomorrow

Posted on 19th November, by DrinkGal in Insider. 1 Comment


The time has finally come. Tomorrow at the ridiculously early hour of 7am, Woodinville Whiskey Co. will be open for business. On sale will be the first issue of their Microbarrel-aged Harvest Release Bourbon and American Whiskey.

If you are thinking, “whoa, that was quick”, it was. Both the whiskey and the bourbon were laid down only a little over a year ago. Owners Brett and Orlin, with a little help from distilling guru Dave Pickerell have been experimenting with non-traditional aging techniques in smaller barrels to accelerate the aging process simply by changing the booze-to-wood surface area ratio. The whiskey spent time in 30 gallon barrels, the bourbon in just 5 gallon. While they have paid the bills with the success of their Peabody Jones Vodka and the White Dog Whiskey, their first love and main goal has always been …

Cocktail like an Italian

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Italy has many, many, many things to enjoy. If you aren’t taken up in the culture, the history, or the sheer beauty of the place, you will undoubtedly get lost in the amazing food and wine, which is cheap and delicious just about everywhere you go. Cocktails can be an overlooked part of the usual Italian experience unless one makes it a point to search them out.

A quick trip around Italy and you can find a plethora of cocktails dating back as far as the mid 1800′s; some that are as widely enjoyed today as they were 100 years ago, some new, and some that might be considered foundations for the modern cocktail revival. We give to you a few to ponder and enjoy the next time you are feeling continental. Toeing the usual tourist trail, we started north and …

Rum: Hot and Buttered

Posted on 7th November, by DrinkGal in Insider. No Comments


Alas, the weather has turned cold again. The good news is that this can only mean one thing for us here at DrinkGal: hot, boozy drinks.

As luck may have it, today we stumbled across a delicious recipe for Hot Buttered Rum, courtesy of none other than Mount Gay Rum. Mount Gay’s delicious Eclipse rum goes perfectly in this cocktail (skip the white rum, it brings nothing to the table). So break out the butter (don’t you dare use margarine), find your spices and get crackin’!

This recipe should make enough to last you through a decent sized party, the holiday season, or a week if you drink like us.

1 lb light brown sugar
1/2 lb unsalted butter (softened)
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground allspice
2 tsp vanilla extract

In a mixing bowl mix together butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract and spices …

It’s National Vodka Day!

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The spirit that has the ability to make any beverage alcoholic. Whether it be from Poland, Russia or even Washington State, vodka is one of the most imbibed liquors out there. Easy to make, devoid of substantial flavors (unless imparted on purpose), it keeps new distilleries afloat while they work on whiskey, lends itself well to mixing and infusions, and has kept many a college girl tipsy for all four years.

If you are a straight-up-martini-shaken-not-stirred type, well…. the following recipes might not be for you. Sure, there are an infinite number of cocktails out there that you can make with vodka, but we are partial to the classics (and prefer gin martini’s with vermouth, thank you).

However you choose to celebrate today, please drink quality vodka. We are of the mind that bad vodka is one of the worst hangover inducing …

International Sake Day

Posted on 1st October, by DrinkGal in Insider. No Comments


Today is International Sake Day! Break out the chopsticks, crack open a bottle of sake, and get to celebrating Japan’s most notable fermented beverage.

Sake is not a rice “wine” as most think. It is more akin to beer in the way that it is made, even though it packs a much stronger punch with an alcohol content of about 15%. Sake has been made in Japan for a very, very long time, with some of the most ancient texts mentioning the brew. It’s generally made from rice that is unsuitable for eating, and as sake has become more and more desired around the world, breweries are popping up in other countries.

Today is International Sake Day because it symbolizes the beginning of brewing year. We thought we would pass along some sake cocktail recipes, courtesy of TY KU to get your …

This calls for a Spanish Coffee

Posted on 29th September, by DrinkGal in Insider. No Comments


It’s National Coffee Day! Don’t get us wrong, we love coffee. We are just of the mind that your coffee can be improved with a little booze in it.

So! To celebrate the morning beverage of choice in the only way we know how, we give you detailed instructions on how to make our favorite coffee drink, the Spanish Coffee. A bit labor intensive perhaps, but worth the trouble.

What you’ll need:

A glass conducive to caramelizing sugar (read: burning)
½ oz overproof rum
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Grand Marnier
1 oz brandy
sugar, for the rim
matches or another device that can set things on fire

Rim the glass with sugar. You may use a little water or orange juice to get the sugar to stick, we don’t recommend lime juice as it might make the sugar tart. Pour the overproof rum into the glass. Hold the …