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Boozy reads: Edible Cocktails

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Natalie Bovis (aka The Liquid Muse) has it right, “The trend toward marrying the kitchen and the bar has already been underway for over a decade…” In her new book, Edible Cocktails, From Garden To Glass – Seasonal Cocktails with a Fresh Twist, she explores ways in which the home bartender can take this tasty trend from their favorite cocktail bar to their home, and create fresh, seasonal cocktails with ingredients they can grow in their backyard.

Instead of just listing recipes or providing general information about ingredients, the book gives detailed descriptions of things like building and maintaining a compost pile for your garden, making pectin from scratch, and applications of homemade syrups and preserves beyond just cocktails. It’s a comprehensive how-to guide to creating your own “cocktail garden” and kitchen, and encourages creativity in using your homemade ingredients and …

April Wine News

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Rosé is here! Spring’s arrival always coincides with the arrival of our favorite pink wines! Rosés began trickling in towards the end of March, and by mid-month this month, we should be in full swing. Rosé, as explored in the past, covers a wide flavor profile; from very dry to very sweet, and everything in between. The main variables determining the type of flavor profile being: region, grape varietals, and length of time of skin contact with the juice. Judging from past sales numbers, the most popular rosés are also the most dry. Highlighted are a few that have already arrived from our favorite producers.

2011 Triennes Provence, France, $14.99  “Made from grapes pressed following only a very brief period of skin contact. The result is a very light pink color. Aromatics include red fruits and candy, followed by a harmonious …