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National Gin Day

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November 7, 2011

National Gin Day, a day for reflecting on the attributes and troubled history of Gin. Celebrate with a trip to your local speakeasy, and order a martini the way they used to… vermouth and all.

Craving more knowledge about Gin? Visit our History section and find out what all the fuss is about.

Old Tom gin is making a bit of a comeback! It was popular back when gin was made in bathtubs and Old Tom was a sweeter than London Dry, mostly to temper the harness of the distillate. For a long time you just couldn’t find a bottle of Old Tom, but if you look you will find it starting to pop up again. It’s great for mixing cocktails, and will be completely different than cocktails with the the typical London Dry. Enjoy!

Old Tom Cocktail

2 oz Old Tom gin
¼ oz pastis
1 dash orange bitters
¼ tsp sugar

Shake all ingredients over ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass.



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