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National Whiskey Sour Day

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August 25, 2011

It’s National Whiskey Sour Day!

Grab you favorite bottle of Whiskey and get crackin!

For more information about whiskey, you can check out our History page.

The Whiskey Sour is just one version of a basic sour recipe. You can substitute any type of your favorite liquor and turn it into a sour too.

Whiskey Sour

1 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp sugar
1 1/2 oz rye or bourbon whiskey
Shake all ingredients over ice, strain into sour or old fashioned glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lemon wedge and a cherry.


Pisco Portón

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Where there is wine, there is grape distillate. In Italy, it is grappa. In France, it is cognac and brandy. And in South America, it is pisco. It isn’t surprising then that the new premium Pisco Portón is distilled in the oldest distillery in South America, Hacienda La Caravedo (founded 1684), in Ica, Peru. While pisco is still considered a smaller market for distillers, for cocktail enthusiasts, pisco is yet another base spirit to create new cocktails with the ooh and ahh factor, adding a new dimension of flavor and complexity.

All pisco is not created equal, and master distiller of Pisco Portón Johnny Schuler was not always a fan. A wine aficionado and restauranteur in Lima, he was called upon to be a pisco judge in 1977 when at the last minute a few of the judges got too sauced …

Giving “House Margarita” a whole new meaning: Salt On The Rim

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Being a slave to your guests can really ruin the point of having a party. The notion of making 100 frozen margaritas is enough to make any hostess opt for shots of tequila instead, lime optional.

Cody Todd and Steve McCoy had this in mind when they created SaltOnTheRim.com in Seattle. They met while working on another party rental business (one that didn’t involve booze) and noticed that there was a margarita machine rental business in California. Always looking for ways to grow the business, the boys added booze to their rental repertoire. Within 60 days, they were booking out all of their machines nearly every weekend, and were racking up a list of very happy customers.

Incidentally, that’s how we found out about these portable party machines, while we were at a BBQ last weekend. Seeing a humming, twirling machine full …

National Rum Day

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August 16, 2011

Pirates rejoice? It’s National Rum Day!

Want to know more about Rum? Visit our History section and get ready to take notes.

The mint julep was made first, and Cuba is credited with the invention of this cousin cocktail, the Mojito. Our pal Hemingway loved this cocktail (as it was made with his beloved rum) and wrote on the wall of the bar credited with its creation, La Bodeguita del Medio, “My mojito at the Bodeguita” in Spanish. Apparently you can still see it on the wall today, if you manage to get to Cuba.


2 stalks of mint leaves, minus the stems
2 oz light rum
4 lime wedges
½ oz simple syrup
club soda

Muddle mint and lime wedges at the base of the glass. Add rum, sugar and lime juice, then fill with crushed ice. Shake, then strain into another ice-filled glass. Garnish …

Mandarine Napoléon Liqueur

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Napoléon Bonaparte was not known for his humility. Nor was he known for his taste in alcohol, but that is beside the point. We imagine he would be very pleased with the idea that a liqueur that he himself used to drink exclusively is drunk around the world, 100 years after his death. And not only did he drink it, he was the person who hand-picked the Belgian chemist Antoine de François de Fourcroy, who was known in his time as a great distiller, to make said liqueur. Might not overshadow the to-do in Waterloo, but a victory nonetheless?

Covetuous of his creation, Mandarine Napoléon was not released to the public until after both of their deaths in 1892. The liqueur is distilled in the same location it always has been, Distillerie de Biercée (just a few miles from Waterloo in …

Chai Cocktails

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When we were first approached about making a few Chai Cocktails for Jaipur Avenue Chai, it was exciting. After all, not a whole lot of bartenders are using chai in cocktails. After getting some samples, dragging out favorite liquors and brainstorming a bit, panic set in. Not a whole lot of bartenders are experimenting with chai, after all… where does one begin?

Make no mistake, Jaipur Avenue Chai is delicious made according to package instruction with no garnish but your favorite mug and a spoon to stir with. (In fact, all our extra samples not needed for experimentation became our morning treat.) Jaipur takes all the work out of making a proper chai, leaving you to add nothing but water. President of the Seattle based company Jillu Zaveri thought the addition of alcohol would make the Chai that much more versatile …

Drinking (well) in New Orleans

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There is a reason Tales of the Cocktail, the largest cocktail convention in the world, meets in New Orleans every year. As the widely accepted birthplace of the cocktail, the city is awash with boozy lore: famous bartenders, origination of recipes, and of course, famous places to drink. An enthusiast could burn nearly enough calories to offset the imbibing of classic libations just by hoofing it around to all the locales of interest scattered about the city. Well, almost.

We put together a list of our favorite cocktails and the bars that did them the best. Did we hit every bar in NOLA? Not even close. Our liver would have politely excused itself from our body long before we could get to a fourth of them. What follows is a list we hope to update, add to, and flat out change …