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A Bar Enthusiasts Travel Guide: Drink Deck

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There are travel guides for just about every traveler out there. Going on a bike tour of Portland? There’s a guide for that. Guides for vacationing with pets, the best beaches, and even the oddest tourist attractions.  But when you are done sightseeing for the day and you are ready for that much needed cocktail, where do you go? A good concierge should be able to send you in the right direction, but what if their idea of a good time is a joint with a margarita machine and jello shots?

Will Glass was thinking this very thing when he came up with Drink Deck. A hospitality veteran, Will started with his hometown of Chicago, hitting all the best places to get a drink. What he ended up with was what he calls the “Bar Enthusiasts Travel Guide”: 52 bars for …

Bulleit Rye

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Bullitt, it turns out, is a county in Kentucky. Founded in 1797, the county is also the home of Jim Beam whiskey: the land was purchased by Jim himself during Prohibition. It’s not the reason behind the the name Bulleit Rye, but we thought you might want to know. The name actually came from Augustus Bulleit, the great great grandfather of Tom Bulleit, the man behind the Bulleit Brand. Augustus was a bar owner back in the 1830′s and a lover of whiskey, and decided to create his own and share it with the world. The story goes that after perfecting his recipe and aging a few barrels, he was transporting his creation to New Orleans for sale when he disappeared. No one ever found him, or heard from him ever again.

Tom decided, 150 years later in 1987, that this …

Boozy Reading: The Punch Bowl

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While these days a punch bowl seems like a relic from party days past, at least one man wants to bring it back.

Cocktail Historian Dan Searing has put together a collection of punch recipes in a new book called The Punch Bowl: 75 Recipes Spanning Four Centuries of Wanton Revelry. A founding member and current Vice President of the D.C. Craft Bartenders Guild and bar manager at Room 11, Dan is a rising star among the cocktail enthusiasts and mixologists, and is a recurring contributor for Imbibe and Flavor.

The Punch Bowl is a fun read (don’t worry, he keeps it short and sweet) and is full of delicious recipes found in old books and texts, updated for use at your next soiree. After a brief history of punches and the vessels made to hold them, Dan catalogues tips and tricks for …

National Martini Day

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June 19, 2011

Shaken or stirred, it’s National Martini Day!

We have a classic recipes for you to try below, or just stroll on down to your local bar and order one up… any way you like.

Frank and Dean would be proud.

This is what is known as the original Martni recipe: The origin is disputed, but most agree it appeared around 1900. Gin is usually accepted as the original spirit, but vodka is widely used as a substitute. Also, stirred is the original preparation, although most are now shaken in practice.

Classic Martini

¾ oz dry vermouth
2 ½ oz gin

Pour dry vermouth into mixing glass filled with ice. Strain out excess. Add gin, stir with a barspoon, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist or olive.


Louis XIII – Le Jeroboam and World Tour

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Perhaps not as timely as we would have liked (we thought we would have the news on Wednesday) we now know what the big reveal was from Rémy Martin, the maker of Louis XIII: Le Jeroboam.

Le Jeroboam is a fancy French title for a limited edition, 3 liter version of the Louis XIII decanter. Said decanter (pictured to the left) is full of even more of the delicious and coveted Louis XIII cognac, and it can be yours for a measly $23K. With it comes a set of crystal snifters and a lovely wooden box for storage or presentation, we imagine.

Crafted by Cristallerie de Sévres, the bottle is truly a lovely item and will make a handful of collectors very happy: only 100 of the first release have been made. Get out those checkbooks, folks!

The reveal, which if you …

Marteau Absinthe: (finally) Home in Seattle

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Gwydion Stone knows absinthe. Enough to make even a usually informed girl like us blush, and wish she studied harder before sitting down on a (rare)sunny early spring day in Seattle to talk with him about the anticipated next batch of his spirited creation, Marteau Absinthe.

Not just knowledgable, but considered an absinthe historian, Gwydion is one of the founders of The Wormwood Society. Founded in 2004, their website is dedicated to teaching absinthe amateurs like us what absinthe is all about, where it came from and yes, how to drink it. We realized right away there was a lot to learn, as we were, at the time of our meeting, even unaware that setting your absinthe on fire (the Czech method) is not only pointless, but tacky as well. Thankfully we were not scolded, just benevolently reprimanded by our worldly …

Fidencio Mezcal

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Mezcal is trending right now, no doubt about it. Edgar Martinez has one, they are showing up in craft cocktails, and more than ever before people are open to the idea of the cousin of tequila. There are an equal number of people, we would argue, that tried a mezcal at some point and decided that it tasted like crap and they will never go back. Much like tequila.

Much like tequila, all mezcal also isn’t created equal. Some of it indeed tastes like poo. And perhaps those who really love tar-like, smokey mezcal won’t fall in love with Fidencio, but for those of us who really thought all mezcal tasted like burro droppings, this is a breath of fresh air, so to speak.

We suppose some back story is in order for those of you who don’t really know what mezcal …

National Cognac Day

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June 4, 2011

Mmmmm. It’s National Cognac Day. Grab yourself a snifter and imbibe!

Want to know more about Cognac? Visit our History section and check out Brandy. No, it’s not the girl, although you might be able to impress one if you read it.