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Rosé! Rosé! Rosé!

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Ladies and gentlemen, 2010 rosé has officially landed! A sure sign of springtime, evoking evenings filled with dinner parties on the deck, barbecues in the park, and long evenings cooling off by the lake. More and more, I am slowly convincing people that rosé is fantastic to enjoy all year round, but also can understand and respect the apprehension. Regardless, it is time to rejoice, for rosé is finally here.

The varying bright pink hues have to do with the amount of time the wine comes into contact with the grape skins during fermentation. Some rosés see more skin time than others, and thus become deeper and darker in color. Other rosés just have a kiss of pink, and tend to be on the drier side. Ultimate brightness and freshness are when they are consumed young, within a year or so. …

Martin Miller’s Gin

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About 11 years ago Martin Miller decided to add to his long list of accomplishments (entrepreneur, hotel owner, publisher and photographer) the title of distiller. Advertised as something of an eccentric, the story is told that he was sitting in a bar with his mates, not enjoying his gin and tonic, and the idea hit him like a squeeze of lime to the eye: he wanted to make the perfect gin: Martin Miller’s Gin.

Being that he is English and from the auspicious Notting Hill, naturally London Dry is the style he wished to perfect. He set about gathering his ingredients from the corners of the earth. Juniper from Tuscany and India, Cassia bark from China, Angelica from France, etc. He was meticulous in his methods: only traditional ones will do. Small batches, made in a pot still he calls Angela, …

Find Cheep Beer, Fast.

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Now that we have your attention….

Most beer drinkers would agree that the only thing better than beer is cheap beer. No, we don’t mean you would prefer to drink Busch exclusively, but you wouldn’t mind enjoying a craft pale ale at a Busch price, right? We thought not.

The boys (we are assuming here) behind Save On Brew.com thought this as well. They wanted to be able to find cheap beer without trolling all the stores in the area or clipping Sunday coupons. It should be as easy as doing an internet search, they reckoned. Like Google for cheap beer. Lo and behold, they took the bull by the horns and built a search engine with the sole purpose of finding you cheap beer.

It’s as simple as typing your zip code, or a full address if you need a more exact …

Slingin’ Bloody Mary’s

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The boys of J. Wilbur live here in Seattle and started out a few years back by simply making a delicious BBQ sauce. Now they have a complete line of grilling sauces and Robb Williams, a longtime Seattle bartender, teamed up with the them to make an equally tasty bloody mary flavoring. We are starting to see this flavoring pop up in more and more bars in the Seattle area, and have heard rumors that it’s now spreading across the country.

Robb is also a friend of ours, so when he asked me to do a short little “infomercial” demonstrating how to use their bloody mary flavoring, I couldn’t say no! Sure it took a little liquid courage, channeling Billy Mays, and some practice, but we all got through it intact!

Without further ado:

J Wilbur

For our complete write up on J Wilbur, click …

Whistle Pig Rye

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If you browse the website for Whistle Pig Straight Rye, you will find an interview between Master Sommelier Fernando Beteta and Master distiller Dave Pickerell. In that interview Dave mentions that when he started the Whistle Pig project, the intent was to find out what a true rye, a 100% rye, can taste like. Admittedly, we here at DrinkGal have a tendency to enjoy rye more than other whiskey types, but to hear that this is a 100% rye that has been awarded the highest rating ever given to a whiskey (96 points!) by Wine Enthusiast Magazine… excited doesn’t cover how we felt to get a bottle.

Pickerell, as some of you might know, worked for Makers Mark for 14 years, establishing himself as a Master Distiller and a heavy hitter in the spirits world. He left in 2008 to focus …