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Lowdown on Top 100 Wines for 2010

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What makes a particular wine a “top” wine? Taste? Availability? Aging potential? Price? Dare I say advertising dollars? And what makes one source more or less credible than the next? Everybody tastes wine differently, and every palate is unique, right? The best way is to graze over multiple lists and find wines that most interests you. Over time, you may find that your palate is more synonymous with one publication or another. With numerous top lists revealed in December, I thought it would be great to give readers the lowdown on many of the wines featured in Top 100 lists from national publications Wine Spectator (ws) and Wine Enthusiast (we) as well as our local expert, Paul Gregutt (pg). Wines featured in this column can be found at Leschi Market.


Buy Now! – On the pricier side, more limited, but well …

Champagne lovers rejoice! Now there is Fat Cork

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Bryan and Abby Maletis have a mantra instead of a mission statement: Celebrate Everyday. It’s the very not-American notion that instead of waiting for a reason to open a good bottle of Champagne, one should make today a reason to celebrate.

We here at DrinkGal are irrevocably in love with this idea, and so we also love Bryan and Abby’s new venture  Fat Cork, a new retail site that is dedicated solely to the education and sale of Champagne. But it’s not the typical sommelier’s selection you are going to find on Fat Cork: these are Champagnes that haven’t been imported into the U.S. before, made by winemakers vetted by the couple themselves.

In Bryan’s words, “The growers we buy from are taking over operations from their parents and they are doing things differently. Instead of selling their best grapes to the …

The Man behind Maker’s Mark: Bill Samuels Jr.

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There are not a lot of guys out there who can say that their father built a bourbon empire. And an even smaller amount can say that they stepped into their father’s boots, took his idea and made it an international name, a name you can find almost every well-stocked bar in America.

Bill Samuels Jr. of Maker’s Mark just happens to be that guy, and he was in Seattle recently on a farewell tour of sorts (he’s handing the company over to his son, Rob). He wanted to pop by one last time before he retires to chat about his biggest contribution to the Maker’s Mark Empire, Maker’s 46. We sat down with him on the Edgewater Hotel on a rainy December day, which he noted was the only time it has rained on all of his visits here. Either …