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The Beer Mapping Project

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If you love beer, we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be salivating over this.

While we just discovered it, it appears that the Beer Mapping Project has been around for a while (since 2005). Only recently (in the past couple years) has it gone mobile as well. With some stiff competition between Android and brand new iPhone, it’s no wonder this handy little tool has popped up on the radar.

No, the Beer Mapping Project itself not an App, but it’s easy to find, has mobile site options for all internet ready phones, and it will work in 13 beer-swilling countries. Handy if you are on the go, you can find a place to have a beer, the closest brewery and/or brewpub, even submit one you think they missed. They even have a Beer Trip Planner, where you can plan a route …

Happy Solstice! Time for Summer Cocktails

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Summer is finally here! Although if you are in the Pacific Northwest like we are, it looks more like January is revisiting us.  No matter! Regardless whether or not Mother Nature is in a snit, it’s our favorite time of year, and while we always love a good cocktail, summer offers up some particularly tasty treats that we thought we would share with you! Besides, the sun can catch up, we have drinking to do.

Starting off with the most popular mixed drink in the U.S., the Margarita is a no-brainer when it comes to the heat. For being so famous, no one is really sure who came up with it, or when. There are no less than 8 people who claim to have created it, which seems to be just a little bit absurd. Our favorite claim is the bartender …

When lifes gives you lemons, make Limoncello

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We are headed down to California Wine Country in the next couple weeks, and one of the great things about being in California is the amazing abundance of lemons. Lemons are as prolific there as mint is here in the Pacific Northwest (did you know we are the top producer of mint? Now you do.), and what better way to reminisce about our wine-logged adventures once we return than with a tasty bit of limoncello? We can’t think of one.

So a couple months back we bought a bunch of lemons to experiment with to nail down a recipe. After trying a couple batches and a couple tweaks, we’ve arrived at a recipe that we are proud of (Read: are currently drinking. Yum).  This is a process that isn’t necessarily time consuming, it just involves a lot of waiting around. If …