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Know Your Boozy Initiatives

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Either you know what is happening in the Washington State Legislature regarding the reformation of our state’s liquor laws, or you are happily living you life, unaware of this (what we consider to be) very exciting legislation. If you need a little clarification, put your martini down long enough to read thru our breakdown of Washington State Initiative Measures 1099 and 1100 and how the heck we got  into this mess. .

There have been initiatives to privatize the liquor biz here in Washington before. After all, our state’s model of liquor being completely controlled by the state is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Only a handful of states can still claim that they embrace a system like ours, and there is good reason for that. We are one of the few whose laws have virutally remained the same …

Time to Lighten Up!

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Last month we discussed the coming of age and quality evolution of wines presented in abstract packaging. This month I’d like to do the same for another kind of wine: rosé! Let’s first dispel the silly rosé rumors, they’re not just for your loopy auntie, they don’t just come in 1.5 Liter size, nor are they only made from Zinfandel! Now, that we’ve cleared the air and the slate is fresh, let me say that rosé is refreshingly delicious, pairs well with all kinds of foods (from barbecue to seafood), and is a perfect way to start an impromptu summery soiree out on the deck!

They come from all over the world, anywhere that wine is made. Traditionally rosé is made from red wine grapes. (Although, in recent years, some white grape varietals have been used to blend with). The bright …

Easter, DrinkGal style

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It’s Easter time! Time for big spreads of food, family, and in our case, booze to help it all go down. Easter Egg hunts, fake plastic grass, chocolate bunnies… this holiday has become a festival of pastels and sweets for kids and adults alike. But if you prefer a different kind of sweet, we here at DrinkGal want to help make your Easter just a little smoother.

The Traditions

Easter is the end of Lent (remember the beginning of Lent? Ah…. Fat Tuesday!). If you’ve been a good Catholic, you’ve been abstaining for 40 days, so why not celebrate in style? Traditionally, Easter foods are things like ham, hot cross buns, and pretzels. We thought we might take these nibbles and spice them up our way…with a little sauce!

First, the ham. We found this recipe for Ham with Citrus-Rum Glaze, and it …

HopScotch, Sneak Peek

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We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of what’s in store for next week’s HopScotch at Theo Chocolates last night.

If you’ve been pondering whether or not you are going to HopScotch this year, can we make a suggestion? Do.

Not only do you have access to a myriad of breweries, wineries, and scotch, but you also have access to Ari Shapiro, one of the only 15 Masters of Whisky in the U.S.. Ari will be doing an informational seminar on scotch as well as scotch pairings with cigars, and pairings with chocolate, provided by Seattle’s own Theo Chocolates. Mmmm.

Flights of tequila went over so well last year that they are happening again this year as well, in addition to the flights of scotch HopScotch is famous for. At $10 its the best way to get your feet wet if …


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Mansinthe? Yes, you heard correctly. This could only be the work of… yep. Marilyn Manson. And now, it’s coming to Washington.

What? When did Marilyn Manson get into booze? It appears it was back in 2007, when the first bottles of the stuff were floating around during a showing of Manson’s paintings. We didn’t know he painted either, so we learned two new things today. Regardless, the dark and mystical nature of absinthe’s history makes in an ideal project for the controversial Manson, and we are intrigued.

We would be skeptical of this foray into liquid culture, but it appears our doubts would be unfounded. In 2008, Mansinthe took the gold at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the only other gold going to industry darling LaFee. A pretty prestigious beginning, wouldn’t you say?

Mansinthe is produced in Switzerland, and has been on …