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Slainte! Guide to St. Patrick’s Day

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Here we are, in holiday spirit again, this time for St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, it is an Irish holiday, but one that has been “Americanized” and turned into a day of debauchery and overindulgence, or at the very least one that everyone likes to pretend they are Irish.

What’s the big deal? Why all the fuss? And why do American’s adulterate all holidays?

Let’s start at the beginning…  Saint Patrick wasn’t a Saint at first. He wasn’t a sinner either, although that would explain the holiday, no? Actually, he wasn’t even Irish. When Patrick was 14 he was captured by Irish raiders and taken into slavery for six years in Ireland. He escaped and returned to his family in present day England, joined the church (it was the family business) and eventually returned to Ireland as a Bishop. Historians are a little …

Our First Event: Box or Not?

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The time has come, DrinkGal is having it’s first event!

On 4/22 from 5:30 to 8 pm at the Nabob Bar in Lower Queen Anne, DrinkGal will be hosting the Box, or Not? Event. It will be a head to head competition between boxed wine and traditional bottles in a blind taste test, to see if YOU can tell if it’s boxed…or not.

And just for accepting this challenge, you will automatically be entered in a raffle, in which we will be giving away t-shirts, gift certificates, wine and other goodies all evening long.

This isn’t the boxed wine you drank in college! Think you can tell the difference? Just bring $5 for ten tastes. We will see you on the 22nd.

Wine Cocktails

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If you are like us, you love a good bottle of wine. Perhaps also like us, you really love a great cocktail. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this month of Washington goodness than to give you some cocktails that have, you guessed it, wine in them! To pay homage to our home state, we are also including suggestions on what liquor to use when crafting these wine-y concoctions that you might just not have considered before.

Where to begin? We are of the mind that bubbly is always a good way to start the night. Why not a French 75? Made popular by the Stork Club in New York, this cocktail was named for the 75mm Howitzer that was used in WWI to shell the enemy. We are told that flying ace Raoul Lufbery is responsible for …