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Ernest Hemingway’s Life in Booze

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Ernest Hemingway. Nobel-prize winning writer, traveler, veteran, and (most importantly for us) world renowned drinker. Born just before the turn of the 20th century, he is an American icon and has influenced literature, politics, and the culture of drinking as we know it. We thought we would take the time to introduce you to a man that you just might owe your favorite drink to, and perhaps you don’t even know it. With no further ado, we give you Hemingway: his life (briefly) in booze.

Our segment of the story doesn’t really start until Hemingway returns from his brief tour of duty in WWI, where he was an ambulance driver on the Italian front. There less than a year, he sustained a serious injury, forcing him to return home to Oak Park, Illinois. After a summer of recuperating, he moved to …

Top 100 Revisited

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Last month Wine Spectator released its famous “Top 100 Wines of the Year.” An annual list, which began in 1988, is comprised, blind-tasted, and judged by their panel of experts. The 2009 “Top 100” was deciphered from over 17,000 submitted wines from all over the world. Wine Spectator judges on the following characteristics: quality (assigned score, usually over 90 points on their 100 point scale), value (price at release), an X-factor (pure excitement over the wine), and availability (measured by cases produced or imported). The availability does not take into account actual bottle availability, but we’ll discuss that in more detail below. The 2009 “Top 100” had an average score of 93 points, an average bottle cost of $40, and represented 13 different countries. Quite a mighty reference list for the aficionado, the collector, or the average Joe looking to …

6 Summer Cocktails to Beat the Winter Blues

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Winter sucks. Yep, we said it. At first, changing seasons, the holidays and maybe even snow sound magical and exciting. But by the time February rolls around, you’re over it. You want a surplus of rum and an umbrella in your drink, and we want to help you achieve this state of non winter-ness.

Our inspiration for this little project? The season premier of LOST. After all, they are back on the island, right? And no, they won’t be drinking these, but that doesn’t mean we can’t while we are watching them sweat. Get out your blender, put on some sunscreen (just for the smell) and head to the liquor store… let’s drink.

We begin our journey with the Mai Tai. No, this isn’t the one that you are going to get in most restaurants, this is Trader Vic’s, the most widely …