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Small Batch, Big Spirits: Pacific Distillery

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Tucked into a small industrial park lies Pacific Distillery, the makers of Pacifique Absinthe and Voyager Single-Batch Gin. Woodinville, Washington, is known for its many wineries and tasting rooms, but with the fluctuation in the distilling laws, we aren’t surprised to see distilling in the mix. With just one 500-liter alembic still used for creating both the absinthe and gin, the operation and production at Pacific may appear small. But with two great products being produced and word catching on quickly, it won’t remain small for long.

Why do we like it? First, both the gin and absinthe are 100% organic. Marc Bernhard, owner of this family-run distillery, even grows some of the herbs himself, which includes wormwood, hyssop and lemon balm. Second, his recipes follow old tradition. The alembic still he uses was custom built for him by a company …

Trick or Treat? Wine Style!

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Ever stop and think: “This deal is too good to be true?” or “What’s the catch?” Even more wine specific: “Why is this so significantly reduced in price?” or “What’s wrong with it?” These are very valid and real questions that come into play when trying to pick out a great bottle of wine. I get asked these questions all the time from customers ranging from the super aficionados to the weekend wine drinkers. Are these deals tricks? Are they treats? With Halloween at the end of the month, I thought it would be a fun time to help you discern tricks from treats, dispel some rumors and give some industry insight in the process.

First of all, it is important to understand that all wholesale pricing must be posted to the state by the respective distributors, agents, or wineries. Generally, …

Great Balls of Ice?

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At upscale bars in Japan, bartenders have been carving their own ice for a while. While ice has always been of interest to those of the craft, the use of a round shape was unknown to us. We weren’t even aware of it until we were sent a You Tube video of a bartender carving away at a chunk of ice until it looks, well, about like a baseball minus the stitches.

Why all the fuss? At first it seems to be a lot of work for something that doesn’t seem to be a big deal… it’s just ice, right?

Maybe not. Upon closer inspection and a little more research, the theory is that one spherical chunk of ice has less surface area than a bunch of cubes and therefore doesn’t dilute your drink as much while still cooling down whatever you …

Wine Cornucopia

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The cornucopia is synonymous with this time of year, capped off with the Thanksgiving holiday. This month allow me to fill that symbolic goat’s horn with several little tidbits to get you into the holiday spirit!

Senior Center Re-cap:

The 12th Annual “Wines from Around the World” uncorked a few weeks back. The turnout was one of the best yet! Seventy wines were sampled along with an array of meats and cheeses. Guests topped off their wine glasses, grabbed a seat on the patio, and sipped and snacked while taking in one of the most breathtaking views in all of the city on one of the last beautiful evenings the summer had to offer. This event is always a great success and if you have yet to attend, this quaffer highly recommends you do. Never a disappointment!

Two wines stood out among …

Cinco De Mayo!

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Ready for Cinco de Mayo? It’s a holiday akin to St. Patricks Day, one steeped in raucous “tradition” that gives us an excuse to celebrate something, even we’re unsure what it is. If you need a place to celebrate try these on for size:

The party gets started bright and early at Laredos, from 11am to 4pm they will have $ 2 Tecate and tequila poppers, as well as yummy Don Julio scratch Margaritas for $8. $5 will get you a house marg, and if you stay until 6, you can catch live salsa music too.

Roll up to Barrio (either location) at 3pm for a bite to eat and specials on draft Tecate and Puebla Punch (a modified sangria). Food specials will be going on all night as well, and we will be going for the pile of guacamole you get …